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Is WEC Worth the PPV Price Tag?

Posted by Nightmare MMA on April 4, 2010 at 11:51 AM

On April 24th, 2010 the WEC will broadcast their most stacked card to date. The card will feature two title bouts as well as a possible featherweight number one contender fight between Mike Brown and Manny Gamburyan.


The increase in card quality is not the only change from the usual WEC programing.


Instead of the normal free basic cable broadcast WEC 48 will set you back $44.95 for a standard PPV buy.


The question is not wether WEC 48 is worth the price tag. The card will feature exciting matchups, and three of the fights will showcase mixed martial artist that were featured on the pound-for-pound top ten currently (Jose Aldo) or very recently (Mike Brown and Urijah Faber). When a card of this quality is broadcast under the UFC banner very few complaints are raised. The issue is the WEC's attempt to become a PPV product when in the past it has been known only as a free basic cable broadcast. Imagine if your office building suddenly switched the restrooms to pay-per-use. Even if management replaced the store-brand paper with Charmin Ultra you probably wouldn't be thrilled about paying for something that in the past had always been giving to you for free. The other problem is that with the UFC doing several PPV events per month as well as the oocasional Strikeforce or Dream card it is becoming pricey to be an MMA fan, and no fan is thrilled about shelling out an extra fifty bucks a month to another Zuffa owned organization.


No matter what the fans may feel WEC 48 is a pay-per-view event, and some positives may come out of it, including better pay for top-tier fighters such as Jose Aldo who don't make nearly as much as their UFC counterparts. If the PPV is not a success possible solutions may include folding the WEC under the UFC banner for more brand recognition.


But right now the choice comes down to buying WEC on PPV or missing what looks to be a great card. Let Nightmare MMA know; come April 24th what will your decision be?

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